There is one person who I trust to do a good job replacing me. That person is
Wes Rogers.
State Senator Lauren Arthur
He just knows how to get things done. And that’s what you need, somebody that’s out there willing to not be afraid of what other people are going to say, but just do what you know's right. And he’ll do that.
Grandma Dixie
He understands what it’s like to have the struggles and some of the challenges that come along with being a small business owner, and also some of the things that are really great about being a small business owner and what we can do for our community.
Katie Wooldridge, owner of Flying Pig Local Mercantile
I'm happy to know we will be able to count on Wes to fight for public education for all of our kids.... I know Wes will do everything in his power to ensure our schools, teachers, and students have what they need to succeed.
Maggie Nurrenbern, teacher at North Kansas City High School
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